Samantha Brown is a 47 year old British-Canadian photographer. Over the last few years she has documented the pandemic, mostly from the back of her campervan 'Juno', whilst travelling safely in line with local lockdown restrictions. Along the way she has developed new bodies of work using her surroundings to explore themes such as isolation, the loneliness of travel, subversion and self-identity. 

More photography and daily story updates can be found on her Instagram page. Get in touch through the contact details below. 



April 2021: Grounded, published by ADM Publishing

Awards and Honours: 

May 2021: 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Self-Portrait Category - Honourable Mention for a single image from the series L'impasse.

May 2021: 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Self Portrait Category - Honourable Mention for the series L'impasse. 


October 2022: Loupe magazine (print)
October 2022: Loupe magazine (online article)
May 2021: Here and There Mag 
May 2021: Bell Collective 
May 2021: The Pictorial-list gallery profile
May 2021: The Pictorial-list interview

Group exhibitions:

June 2021: Selected to exhibit at London Art Biennale (Ferry Home to Brexit Britain, from the series Grounded)

Instagram profiles / story highlights:

Loupe Magazine, Berlinische Galerie, F-stop Magazine, Flak Photo, This Ain't Art School, Stade Magazine, Stade People Magazine, Stellar Stories, Our Momentum, Photographie Magazine, Dinermag, Fndit Magazine,  349am Collection, Address Magazine, Togspace UK, This Life Magazine, Minimalzed Mag, Woofer Magazine. 


Email: hello (at) sambrownstills.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/__sam_brown__

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